The bench press is surely one of the most popular chest movements there is.  With our range of incline and decline benches you can be sure to hit those chest and pectorals and every conceivable angle.


Free Weights

With free weights everywhere you will be able to ensure a varied and challenging session each and every time.  We service our weights regularly and only use the highest quality, pound for pound you will be stretched to the limit.


Squat Racks

Anyone who is anyone knows how important the humble squat is.  It's become the staple of champions and generates so much energy that you will just see any residual fat just melt away.  With lots of trainers on hand you will just love how effective your session will become.


The Cage

The CAGE.  Sounds ominous does it.  Actually, it's nothing to be afraid of.  With hundreds of different movements and routines that you can do on this, you will never be short of something to do.  Whether your doing muscle ups or simply trying to get some upper body strength, the cage will keep you challenged.