A & J Bootcamp

Get Transformed!

If your interested in becoming part of the A&J Transformation Bootcamp team, here's a little more about we offer at AJ Bootcamp.

Our team train with us 3 times a week, they are fun and enjoyable sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am! (Yes we know its early but it’s worth it) 

 We track measurements of all members and track each individual’s progress. The change we have seen in previous members has been astonishing! Which is so good to see.

Alongside the Session's there is a nutrition plan, with full support from the instructors Adam and James (A&J) as well as a message group (WhatsApp) for all the members to share meal ideas, plus fitness related information.

We also have a Facebook page A&J Transformation Bootcamp with regular updates on training and nutritional meal choice's to add to the ones you already have with the plan.

The Nutrition plan is NOT a DIET it's a lifestyle change!

It’s about making the rights choices with food and we will show you how to make them. We can guarantee you with the choices available you do not need to be eating salad every day or going hungry.

When you sign up for your 1st Bootcamp you are also emailed a series of extra exercise classes that can be done at home (these are HIIT WORKOUTS), for those that would like to do more or if you can’t make it to a session.

The Boot camp has limited spaces with a vast number of the spaces taken up by previous members. This shows how good these sessions really are.

Check out the Facebook page and reviews or drop us a message to find out more....

The 8 week bootcamp is all only £120!! That's 24 session's over the 8 week transformation bootcamp, aswell as all the nutrional help and outside of class support.

Here are a few review's for previous bootcampers!!


“Bootcamp is fab isn’t it I can’t imagine life without boot camp now, you gain all-sorts from it”

Mandy Moroney (6 time member)


“Life Wouldn’t be the same without Bootcamp family”

James Arthur (3 time member)


“I totally Agree, First Boot Camp for me and I can already see that, it’s awesome Absolutely doing the next one”

Alan Liddington ( now a 5 time member)


TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK check our bootcamp page out 💥