Keep Calm And Love The Gym Gloucester!


Big Thanks!

I would like to say a huge thank you to my dad, Mark Churchill and my Grandad Alan Perrins who were both instrumental in getting the gym open in the four weeks we had to do it, The Gym could not of opened  without them and I am so greatful for there help and hard work, thank you so much. My dad put his flooring company, D&D Flooring, on hold to help me get the gym started, Dad, I could never thank you enough!

My Mum (this was a massive family effort!) Sue Churchill was also a great help, she helped make the stressed times a little easier and was simply great all round! Thank you mum!

A very good friend of mine Tom Anderson from Bath came down to help before we opened, he spent over 2 weeks with helping in any way possible. He's a great friend and another person in the list I couldn't of been with out.

Thank you so much to Russ Haslam for the logo and his continuous graphic design help. Darren Liddington for taking the website under his wing and doing an awesome job! 

Lots of thank yous to everyone who helped me achieve my dream and get The Gym open on time!

And finally, The Gym has been open for 4 years now... Thank you so much to our great staff and unbeatable members that really seperate our gym from any other I've ever know. Team Gym.

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